Wood Flooring Adhesive

When installing wooden flooring, wood flooring adhesive is a popular and effective way of ensuring the flooring is securely fixed to the subfloor. Here at Tile and Floor Superstore we have a range of different wood flooring adhesive products to choose from, and if you’re having any issues finding the most suitable adhesive for your wooden flooring project feel free to get in touch – call on 01752 581507 or use the live chat in the bottom right hand corner and the team will be more than happy to help with product recommendations and advice.

The benefits of using wood flooring adhesive

When using wood floor adhesive to glue wooden flooring products down securely, as opposed to more traditional nails and screws, there are a number of benefits.

By using wooden flooring adhesive, it creates a solid and sturdy flooring, with a much lower potential for squeaky floorboards to occur. The adhesive creates a more secure floor than a floating floor, and the secure fixing means that excessive movement of the floor is dramatically reduced.

Another benefit of using wood floor adhesive as opposed to screws and nails is that it creates a much softer feel underfoot, allowing a level of compression and movement that springs back into position, absorbing some shock. 

Applying wood flooring adhesive

When working with wood flooring adhesive, it is crucial to check the moisture levels of the subfloor before applications. If it is constantly damp, a damp proof membrane may be required.

When confident that the subfloor is dry, ensure it si clean and free from other contaminants such as dust and grease, and also ensure the wood flooring is acclimatised according to the manufacturer’s instructions – this will help to prevent warping and bending of wood flooring.

When ready to apply, spread the wood floor adhesive evenly across the subfloor. Make sure that you don’t spread too much at once, so that it doesn’t dry out before it is covered.

Once spread out, place the wood flooring in position and press firmly across the whole surface in order to firmly bond to the adhesive. Leave a 10-15mm gap between the wood flooring and the walls to allow for natural expansion.

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