Floor Levelling Compound & Self Levelling Compound

Tile Superstore have an exciting range of floor levelling compounds and self levelling compounds to choose from to use in your latest flooring project. Floor levelling compounds can be used on a wide range of different materials,  including concrete, screed, timber and tiles, and is a perfect way of levelling out the floor surface before adding the top flooring material.

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What are floor levelling compounds?

Floor levelling compounds, also known as self levelling compounds, or self levelling concrete, are designed to create a smooth and even substrate surface, on which flooring can be laid. The floor levelling compound is perfect for concrete substrates and other surfaces that are not always laid evenly due to variations in the surface below. Floor levelling compound is perfect for flooring surfaces that have dips or slope slightly to one side, and are designed in a way that means large amounts of water are not required.

By creating a level surface on which to install flooring, the durability and lifespan of the flooring material is greatly increased. When tiles are placed on uneven surfaces they are likely to crack over time, and installing wooden flooring is a challenge if the substrate below is uneven. The wooden flooring may need to bend in order to fit over uneven surfaces, which weakens the wood.

How to use floor levelling & self levelling compounds

It is important to clean the substrate from dust and dirt before applying the self-levelling compound. Additionally, before applying the floor levelling compound, we’d recommend applying a coat or two of primer in order to create a solid bond – make sure the primer is dry.

Work out where the floor is uneven by creating a framing square and sliding it over the floor. Wherever the square does not touch the floor, self-levelling compound is required. Mark these areas out.

Follow the manufacturer’s guide on mixing the self-levelling compound, making sure you work quickly to mix and apply it before it dries out. Make sure you have correct safety workwear such as gloves and a dust mask to prevent breathing in the dust, and we’d recommend using a drill to mix the compound. 

As soon as the compound has been mixed, spread it across the marked out areas. When it starts to thicken, use a drywall tool to spread it evenly out. Try to work quickly yet carefully to spread it out before it dries out completely. 

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