Carpet Tiles

Carpet tiles are a hard-wearing and good-looking alternative to traditional carpet rolls which boast the convenience of easy-to-replace tiled sections. For residential or commercial use, carpet tiles are being used more often than ever in areas like home offices or childrens bedrooms where the durability of these products really come into their own. Theres no fuss or stress if theres a spill or stain as carpet tiles are water-repellent. Water will stay on the top of the tile and not sink into the base. Stains are easy to remove lift the carpet tile out and replace it with a new one!

In 50cm x 50cm tiles, its easy to create a sturdy floor which comes in many stylish patterns and colours. Stripes, striations or block colours minimise the impact of spills, stains and dirt so theyre perfect for residential offices for a professional look, or for landlords of rental properties like student accommodation. Carpet tiles tend to be cheaper per meter squared than traditional rolls of carpet and because they dont need to be cut they can be installed much faster.

Where can I lay carpet tiles?

Carpet tiles are associated with offices and commercial spaces like schools and GP surgeries but they are becoming a popular choice for domestic spaces. Any room in any house can benefit from carpet tiles. Customers are choosing to use carpet tiles to add warmth and comfort to outbuildings, utilities and garages which arent used for storing vehicles. Previously this was not an economically viable option due to the cost of installing carpet roll and hiring a carpet fitter. A competent DIYer can install carpet tiles with no problems.

What do I need to consider when choosing carpet tiles?

Its important to take into consideration how much foot traffic carpet tiles are likely to see, with some materials being more hard-wearing and resistant than others. Over time major foot traffic will flatten carpet tiles and they will lose a full look. Opting for nylon, which is a more resilient material, will keep the carpet looking fuller for longer than polypropylene.

Some carpet tiles are not suitable for use with wheely office chairs. After long periods of time the impact of the wheel rolling over the fibre of the carpet tile will pull the fibres out and leave your tiles lackluster and looking sparse. Look for carpet tiles with the castor chair symbol for suitable tiles for a commercial or home office.

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