Throughout the years, tile trends have constantly evolved – from traditional Victorian styles and popular subway tiles to more modern options with marble effects, bright colours and geometric patterns. And as we step into 2024, it’s no different.

So, before you begin a bathroom renovation or upgrade your kitchen tiles, you might want to see what styles and colours are currently trending and expected to trend for some extra inspiration. Lucky for you, our guide is going to tell you exactly that.

For bathrooms, kitchens and living rooms, we picked out a few of our favourite tile ideas for 2024 to figure out the tile trend perfect for you. We also discuss budget-friendly and space-optimising tile options, ideal for a range of aesthetics and a range of bank accounts.

A bathroom with green wall tiles, a freestanding bath, white and black floor tiles and a wooden cabinet.

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What colour tile never goes out of style?

Before we launch into any tile trends for 2024, you might be wondering whether your existing tiles will go out of fashion. This can cause problems when they’ve recently been installed if you don’t have the money for new ones, or if you like the colour you already have.

But worry not! You’re not forced to follow any tile trends. Tiles will look good for as long as you like them – if you’re happy with them, that’s all that matters. That said, if you’re looking for a timeless colour option for any room, your best bet is neutral shades of white, beige and grey.

Neutral tones are stylish no matter the year or season, perfect for pairing with various aesthetics and pieces of décor, from modern and traditional to urban and rustic. Neutral tiles also offer a canvas for other colours. Beige isn’t the only option: go monochrome with accent shades of charcoal and anthracite, keep it classy with brass accessories and hardware, or opt for pretty pastels and daring vibrant tones to create something fun. If you want to stay neutral without lack-lustre appearances, add a dimension with fun laying patterns, textured surfaces and geometric shapes. With neutral tiles, the choice is yours.

Neutral stone effect tiles in a living space with a white sofa, an armchair and a wooden lamp, ideal for living room tile trends.

What is the expected trend in the tile scene in 2024?

New year, new trends.

Well, that’s not always true. Old trends come back into fashion all the time, and your choice of tile is largely down to personal taste, but knowing which tiles are popular can be beneficial. It can help you decide on the tiles you want in your home, whether that’s your existing tiles getting another turn in the limelight, or perhaps the fresher modern takes on your favourite styles will give you an upgrade without disturbing your aesthetic.

What tiles are in fashion right now? A whole range of tiles are expected to trend in 2024 and while we can’t include them all, we’ve comprised a few top contenders.

Textured tiles

Urban aesthetics resembling city living are in fashion right now, and textured tiles are a great way to achieve this. These trendy tiles create depth with three-dimensional qualities and give walls and floors extra character. This is perfect for a range of rooms in the home. Textured tiles with wood and stone effects look realistic but are easier to clean with impressive durability and form a city-style appearance.

Geometric tiles

With a range of eye-catching patterns and shapes, geometric tiles are another popular choice for 2024. Especially if you’re looking for contemporary tiles for your bathroom, kitchen or living room. Choose from various materials and colours to spruce up your space with a trendy, modern twist. Hexagonal tile shapes are a great option as they can create a bold feature wall or a stylish backsplash in bathrooms and kitchens.

A bathroom that meets textured tile trends with neutral tiles, a grey freestanding basin and counter mounted sink.

Colourful tiles

Just because neutral colours are timeless, doesn’t mean you can’t venture into the world of colour.

We’ve seen a lot of minimalist aesthetics and monochrome colour palettes recently. While they look fantastic, homes are warming back into the coloured tile trend. Colourful tiles look amazing in bathrooms, kitchens, living rooms or bedrooms. Vibrant greens and blues can create earthy, nautical aesthetics reminiscent of lush greenery and seaside ventures. Oranges, reds and pinks can brighten your space with inspiration from bold retro designs.

Colourful tiles come in various styles, durable materials and matt or glossy finishes, all designed to breathe life into your home. If you’re loyal to the monochrome trend but want to try something new, feature walls are a great idea. They let you add colour without stepping too far out of your comfort zone, and bathroom and kitchen backsplashes are perfect for bright shades and quirky patterns. To tie it all together, accessorise with matching colours – this can be as discreet as hardware, pillows and picture frames.

Marble effect tiles

Marble effect tiles never get old. At least, not yet – because in 2024, marble effect tiles continue to stun with their effortless class and sophistication. Perfect for living rooms, kitchens and bathrooms, these tiles provide the feel of luxury living at a pleasing price point.

With their durable materials, marble effect tiles could fool anyone into thinking your walls and floors used authentic marble tiles. These, however, are far easier to take care of while lasting a fantastic amount of time.

Marble effect tiles are beautiful with matt and glossy finishes. You can pick from a stunning range of colours, including pure white, lead black and anthracite grey, and match furnishings, hardware and accent colours to the sleek veining.

If you looked into kitchen tile trends in 2023, you would have spotted a range of vintage-inspired spaces, textured tiles and a boom in neutral tones and bright colours. As for 2024, we’ve gathered a few kitchen tiles and design ideas that are said to really make a statement.

Multi-tonal blue/green subway tiles in a kitchen.

Small mosaics

Most people elect for large tiles in their design, especially in smaller areas, in hopes of creating the illusion of more space. But for kitchens, small mosaic tiles are stylish right now. With their small dimensions and pleasing designs, they look amazing when used to form a backsplash above your sink and countertops, offering pops of colour and patterns without diluting your overall aesthetic.

Whimsical aesthetics

From makeup to clothing, the last few years have witnessed a rise in whimsical cottagecore aesthetics. As we warm into 2024, homeowners have decided to integrate this fanciful and fun style into their spaces. We think it looks fantastic.

These designs are all about soft pastels. Utilise baby pink, sage green and pops of brighter colours to complement more muted shades. A mix of modern and traditional furnishings adds a quirky, mismatched appearance and looks fantastic alongside floral patterns on cushion covers. Tie it all together with framed art and vibrant green plants.

To bring this style to your kitchen, upgrade your backsplash with coloured and patterned tiles. These can be easily coordinated with neutral cabinets and floors, and more vibrant hues provided by crockery, bread bins and washing basins. Gloss finishes enhance your space and add to that whimsical aesthetic as natural light bounces off their sleek surfaces. To include some traditional elements, replace furnishings, accessories and hardware with gold and brass finishes for an elegant and regal look.

Subway tiles

A favourite in kitchens, subway tiles look fantastic. With that classic brick-lay pattern and seamless white finish, they flatter your space, especially where minimalist designs are popular. That said, while you might find the idea of subway tiles brilliant, the traditional style might not be bright enough for what you’re trying to achieve.

Lucky for you, subway tiles have started popping up in different colours and can be laid in various patterns. So, if you’re looking for simple yet modern wall tiles in 2024, subway tiles could be the perfect option.

Choose from neutral tones to lively hues and install your subway tiles in a new pattern. Whether you opt for vertical and horizontal stack bond, basketweave or herringbone, there are countless tiling styles available to create interesting feature walls and stunning backsplashes.

Bathroom tile trends are easily one of the most exciting. There are so many popular and unique options, no matter what you go for, you’re bound to create something beautiful.

Bathroom tile ideas and trends in 2023 were all about natural stone effects, warm colours and funky geometric patterns. So, if you recently upgraded your bathroom tiles to this kind of design, or if you loved the trending bathroom tiles of 2023 but weren’t equipped to renovate, you’ll be pleased to hear that the current bathroom trends in 2024 aren’t looking too different.

Terracotta colour bathroom floor tiles.


An oldie but a goodie, terrazzo tiles have been around for a while. Terrazzo tiles make a versatile choice for your tiled bathrooms and match an array of décor and aesthetics, ideal for floors and single walls. Providing a unique style with various colour options, it’s no wonder their appealing speckled design is expected to trend this year and potentially years coming.

Warm, earthy colours

Last year predicted that warm colours and earthy hues would grow in popularity and gain on the cool-toned favouritism. That seems to be the case this year too. Enticing shades of terracotta, beige and rustic red are being used everywhere, especially in bathrooms. They form calming and inviting spaces and seamlessly coordinate with various styles, designs and furnishings. If you’re looking for accent colours, muted shades of taupe, olive and mustard are popular choices.

If you’re an avid traveller, you might favour rustic, characterful aesthetics that resemble Mediterranean homes. To remind you of days in the sun, incorporate these designs into your home with warm and earthy bathroom tiles.

Matt and gloss

It might feel like you’re playing a risky game by mixing tile finishes, but the combination of matt and gloss is starting to trend. Similar to mixing colours, it provides an appealing contrast for bathroom spaces and emphasises the opposing finishes. When glossy tiles reflect light, they’ll exaggerate the smooth surfaces of matt tiles, making both finishes stand out.

One of many gorgeous tile pattern ideas, you can choose matt and glossy tiles of a matching colour scheme and lay them in an interesting pattern, or shake it up with marble effects, stone effects and other modern bathroom tiles.

While tiles aren’t always a go-to for living rooms, there was still a range of tile trends in 2023. Large format tiles were a favourite, with natural stone effect tiles and marble effect tiles finding their place on walls and floors. When it comes to living room tiles and ideas for 2024, these trends are still favourable, but we have a couple more you might like.

A living room with natural oak wall panels behind a mounted TV.

Wall panels

Recently gaining popularity with their acoustic insulation properties, wall panels look brilliant in living rooms. They increase depth and texture and eliminate sounds, echoes and reverberations that might disrupt your peaceful evenings, all while enhancing visual appeal.

You can use wall panels for a natural look with neutral oak and walnut colours. Likewise, gain a more striking appearance with stronger shades of dark grey and midnight blue. Wall panels make stylish feature walls and can form cohesive designs when paired with matching tables, shelving and photo frames.

Wood effect

When it comes to living room floor trends, you might seek something more subtle that blends in seamlessly with your aesthetics and designs. Wood effect tiles are perfect for this. They effortlessly merge into your living rooms and complement traditional homes, contemporary flats and rustic barn conversions. They also make fantastic bedroom tiles by adding to your design and elevating your space.

Popular and practical, wood effect tiles look authentic with the same appearance as real wood. They comprise resilient materials that ensure long-lasting performance, high strength and minimal maintenance. They are also available in various colours to match your home.

Outdoor tiles ideas

Tile trends don’t solely apply to home interiors. Tiles can make just as much of a statement outside and can finish the overall look of your home.

High in aesthetic appeal and functionality, outdoor tiles are a fantastic way to enhance your outdoor space. You can even install them over concrete floors and old tiles for an easy upgrade. Like indoor tiles, you can choose from several materials and styles, including concrete, porcelain, and brick and stone effect, and benefit from their impressive strength.

Not only can outdoor tiles be built for long-term use, but they follow recent trends. 2024 trends for outdoor tiles include large tiles for wide and open appearances, wood effect tiles to boost the warmth of your space and incorporate authentic textures, as well as effortless transitions from indoor areas to outdoor patios. To make your home and garden feel like a cohesive space, install the same or similar floor tiles for a seamless walkway that bridges the gap between designs. This can be emphasised with matching furniture, colour schemes and decoration.

An outdoor space with grey rattan seating and slate effect floor tiles.

Creating the look of more space

Opting for large tiles can work wonders for your bathroom, kitchen, and living room. Especially if your space is a little more compact than the ones in a magazine. Large tiles create seamless, uniform overall appearances with minimal grout lines that lend an expansive feel to your space.

Another way to make spaces look bigger is to use tiles of lighter shades, ranging from soft pastels to light neutrals. These work well in cramped areas, particularly when they feature glossy surfaces that reflect natural light for a brighter appearance. This can form that illusion of more space you’ve been looking for, whereas urban-style kitchens adorned with shades of black, deep brown, or anthracite grey tiles may feel confined, especially when paired with darker décor. That said, if darker tiles are your preference, consider juxtaposing them with lighter hues to introduce dimension and depth.

Affordable tile options

Renowned for their durability and adaptability, ceramic and porcelain tiles are a fantastic choice for numerous applications. They offer a diverse array of colours and styles to match your desired tile design ideas. If you’re looking for something affordable, ceramic and porcelain tiles are budget-friendly, especially compared to real marble and natural stone tiles. They still provide the same appearance, but they just don’t completely break the bank.

Gloss finish ceramic wall tiles in neutral beige shades.

Final Thoughts

Now you’re filled with the inspiration needed to embark on your home renovations and upgrades, you can embrace the latest tile trends or opt for timeless luxury tile designs. The choice is entirely yours as you get started on forming stylish bathrooms, functional kitchens and welcoming indoor and outdoor spaces.

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