When looking at tiles for your latest project, there is an overwhelming variety of sizes, colours, designs, patterns and more. Here at Tile Superstore, we want to make the process as easy and stress-free as possible, so we’ve put together a quick and simple guide for some top tips to consider when choosing tiles.

Choosing tiles by room

The first thing to consider when selecting tiles is the room in which the tiles will be fitted. Are they for the kitchen or the hallway, or are you creating a wet room? Take a look at our guide on how different tiles suit different rooms, our recommendations and other advice: Choosing tiles by room.

Choosing tiles by colour

Deciding on the overall colour theme of the tiles will help you get one step closer to finding the perfect tiles for your project. Contemporary homes and modern apartments work well with monochrome-coloured tiles and bright features, whilst neutral tones are a great choice in a wide range of rooms and spaces. We’ve got some great advice regarding tile colour here: Choosing tiles by colour.

Choosing tiles by material

When it comes to the material the tile is made from, there are endless choices, and this can sometimes be overwhelming. From ceramic and porcelain to slate and glass, each material has its own benefits and potential issues so there are a number of factors to consider. Find out more here: Choosing tiles by material.

Choosing tiles by shape

There are a number of different shaped tiles on offer, but which is right for you? Considering a differently shaped tile can completely transform the room, and there are several to consider. Each tile shape has a number of different options in regards to the laying style, so don’t feel like a particular shaped tile restricts the opportunities for variety. Find out more about the variety of tile shapes and their benefits here: Choosing tiles by shape

Choosing tiles by laying pattern

The way tiles are laid can completely transform a room. Depending on the shape tile you have chosen, there are a number of options for tile patterns and ways to lay them in order to achieve a certain look or style. Take a look at our guide on the different tile laying patterns available, and get a step closer to achieving your dream floor today: Choosing tiles by laying pattern.

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