The bathroom is often considered a sanctuary within the home – a space for rejuvenation, relaxation, and personal reflection. It’s a canvas where functionality meets creativity.

In this article, we delve into the world of bathroom tiles, exploring 12 captivating ideas that promise to inspire your next renovation or design project. From timeless classics to new trends, these tile ideas offer a host of possibilities to restyle your bathroom. These tile ideas will guide you towards creating a space that resonates with your personal tastes and preferences.

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1. Mix and match patterns

Patterns are a great way to leave your mark on a bathroom and jazz things up a bit. There are several ways you can go about it.

Check this out:Lifestyle image of Savoy Beige Mix Natural Glazed Small Ceramic Wall & Floor Tiles

First, you can opt for tiles with geometric prints. They’re especially popular right now, and you’ll be amazed by the wide variety of options. From flowers to stars to abstract figures – the sky’s the limit. And if you’re feeling particularly adventurous, you might even combine several different patterns for that wow factor.

If you decide to go down that route, though, we recommend sticking to a neutral colour like grey, as the combination of bright colours and various shapes might be a tad overwhelming.

Lifestyle image of purple and white bathroom tiles

Second, you can pair different colours. If you’re the sort of person who prefers regular patterns, you can’t go wrong with a classic black and white tiles checkerboard design. If you’re the more adventurous type, why not combine white with purple tiles for a vivid wall?

Third, you can create all sorts of patterns with bathroom mosaic tiles. These work great for an exciting small bathroom tiles design that makes the most of tight places. And if you combine mosaic tiles with larger ones, you’ll also get a wonderful accent in a large bathroom.

2. Experiment with different shapes

Hexagonal wall tiles in multiple colours

As far as we’re concerned, choosing tiles with various shapes is one of the most exciting bathroom tile ideas out there. Sure, there’s nothing wrong with the tried and tested rectangular subway tile, for instance. But why not complement classic subway tiles on your bathroom walls with some more adventurous ones on the floor or the other way around?

Combining different-shaped and sized tiles – even if they’re the same colour – will create a lively atmosphere. Hexagonal tiles have been around for a while, and they’ve recently made a strong comeback.

But that’s not all:

Diamond-shaped tiles are quite striking, whereas chevron tiles have a sense of timeless elegance that’s guaranteed to fit any bathroom décor.

3. Be bold with your tile colour

Lifestyle imahe of a bathroom with checkerboard floow and dark green wall tiles

We’ve already touched briefly on the use of colour to create both regular and irregular patterns. You can take this up a notch by letting your imagination run wild and putting together a Rubik’s Cube-style bathroom wall or floor by using four or even five different colours in random sequences.


We realise that such a stunning fusion of shades and colours isn’t everyone’s cup of tea.

However, there are still plenty of ways you can make the most of colour in a more subtle way. Green bathroom tiles are especially trendy with homeowners, especially when paired with natural wood vanity units. And when you add a bathroom plant or two, you get a highly sophisticated bathroom décor that won’t give you a headache or trigger your OCD.

Alternatively, give light pink tiles a try, pairing them with black or dark navy bathroom furniture for an understated yet highly effective contrast.

And if you want to be really bold and adventurous, why not bring the sunshine in with glossy, polished red or orange modern bathroom tiles?

Johnson polished wall tiles in orange and white

Key takeaway:

When it comes to bathroom tile colours, you’re only limited by your imagination.

4. Get creative with your grouting

White tiles with orange grouting

Grout isn’t the first thing that comes to mind when you consider trendy bathroom tiling ideas, right?

Think again:

By changing the shade or even the colour of your grouting lines, you can make a huge visual statement. Even plain white subway tiles can get a smart, contemporary facelift when paired with black grouting.

Conversely, white grouting lines go really well with dark tiles by highlighting the boundaries between the individual tiles and intensifying their shapes.

All in all:

Regrouting your tiles is a relatively minor tweak that can make a massive difference. Just make sure you buy mould-resistant grout.

5. Embrace floor-to-ceiling tiling

Lifestyle image of a bathroom with floor-to-ceiling tiling.

For an elegant, seamless look that will make even relatively smaller bathrooms appear larger, choose floor-to-ceiling tiling. It might be a bit more expensive, but you can offset the cost somewhat by picking a relatively simple bathroom ceramic tile.

You’ll be pleasantly surprised with the results:

In addition to seeming larger, your bathroom will benefit from more light, as there will be more tiles to reflect it, leaving fewer dark spots. And since modern bathroom tiles are relatively quick and easy to clean, that’s yet another bonus floor-to-ceiling tiling comes with.

Practical and elegant – it’s a win-win scenario!

6. Zone an area with tilesExample of zoning a bathroom with floor tiles

Break down larger bathrooms into distinct zones with the clever application of different tiles to the surrounding floor and walls. Having distinct areas around open showers, for instance, is one of the hottest shower tiles ideas.

In addition, zoning around freestanding baths and washbasins is a fantastic way to introduce a bit of variety and create multiple focal points in what might otherwise be a somewhat bland bathroom.

The good news is:

There are many different ways you can do that. You can:

  • Place the same tiles in a different way, such as a herringbone design.
  • Use different-shaped tiles in the same colour.
  • Mix and match colours, shapes, sizes and finishes to reflect the specific purpose of each zone.

Whichever option you go for, you can also use contrasting grout lines for an even more pronounced effect.

7. Add a touch of luxury with veined marbleLifestyle image of a luxury bathroom with veined marble tiles

Nothing emanates luxury quite like marble. And when it comes to bathroom tile inspiration, veined marble is all the rage right now. Not only will it create a spa-like feel in your very own home, but the natural veining will impress with unique patterns by default. The combination of these two effects will take your bathroom to the next level, transporting you to the ultimate place of comfort and relaxation.

Afraid marble tiles are too expensive for your budget?

There’s a way around that! Marble-effect tiles look like the real deal at only a fraction of the price. So, it should come as no surprise that this alternative remains extremely popular with smart homeowners who want to create a luxurious bathroom without breaking the bank.

8. Dazzle with terrazzoImage of a terrazzi tile by Johnson Tiles

Terrazzo, which has been around since 15th-century Venice, has never gone out of style and is currently more popular than ever.


Terrazzo bathroom tiles are made by embedding marble, granite, glass, or quartz chips in a cement or polymetric base. A fashionable choice for bathroom floors and walls, they will completely transform your bathroom and dazzle your family and guests.

To achieve a truly stunning terrazzo look, consider using complementary floor and wall tiles with bigger, irregular chips, which are especially trendy right now. Not only is terrazzo sleek and stylish, but it is also extremely durable and easy to clean, making it a practical as well as an elegant choice for your bathroom.

9. Add texture with natural stoneNatural stone medium tiles by Johnson Tiles

Combining various shapes, patterns and colours isn’t the only thing tiles can do for your bathroom. In fact, they can also add much-needed texture. And no material does this better than natural stone, with its rough yet charming finish.

The thing is:

Natural stone tiles – or the more affordable natural stone effect alternative – will introduce a rustic, farmhouse feel to your bathroom.

Pair them with wooden beams and timber bathroom furniture to complete the dreamy Alpine chalet look that will remind you of that unforgettable skiing holiday in Switzerland a few years ago.

Another popular way to create a similar effect is with brick textured bathroom tiles on the walls, except here you’re going for an industrial rather than a farmhouse look.

10. Get cosy with wood-effect tilesLifestyle image of a bathroom with wood-effect floor tiles

Wooden flooring can effortlessly create a cosy, warm, comfortable atmosphere across your home. Unfortunately, it’s not particularly practical in your bathroom, where it’s likely to deteriorate or rot over time due to being constantly subject to high levels of humidity and water splashes.

A missed opportunity, perhaps?

Not necessarily:

Enter wood-effect tiles! Usually made from porcelain, they are water-resistant and anti-slip certified, making them ideal for bathrooms, terraces and similar areas.

What’s more:

The best wood-effect tiles are virtually indistinguishable from the real deal – whether that’s hemlock wood, pecan wood or a more exotic type. They even feature rich veining that – much like marble tiles – will create unique patterns on your bathroom floor.

11. Tile your bath panelsTiled bathtub in a luxury bathroom

Make your bathtub an essential component of your décor by tiling the bath panels using the same design as that of the surrounding walls and/or floor. You’ll need to use a specialist tile backing board, but a bit of extra effort goes a long way towards seamlessly incorporating your bath into the overall bathroom design by taking advantage of one of the most creative bathroom tiles ideas.

Tiling your bath panels is an especially clever idea if you already have several focal points in your bathroom – say, a black glass countertop basin, an antique vanity unit and an elaborate backlit mirror. By partially concealing your bath, you won’t draw people’s attention needlessly from the true pièce de résistance.

12. Enchant with an ombré effectOmbre-effect tiles

An ombré effect involves creating a gradient from a darker to a lighter colour or the other way around. It’s a playful, dreamy way of making the most of a specific colour palette without stealing the show from the other components of your bathroom.

So, if you’re the kind of person who believes that less is more, you should definitely consider an understated ombré effect for your bathroom walls.

The possibilities here are endless:

Two of our favourite choices are a Mediterranean sunset effect and a Caribbean blue effect – but once again, the sky’s the limit (pun intended).

How to choose bathroom tilesLuxury bathroom

With so much bathroom tile inspiration out there, you might fear you’re in serious danger of going down the rabbit hole, never to emerge.

So, before we leave you, here are our top tips for making the most of the latest bathroom tiles ideas and choosing the right tiles for you.

Determine the style

Start by deciding what style you want for your bathroom. Do you want a modern, industrial feel or a traditional, Victorian look? This will help narrow down your tile options.

Consider the size

The size of the tile can make a big difference. Large tiles can make a small space feel bigger, while smaller tiles can add texture and interest.

Look at colour

We’ve spent a fair amount of time discussing colour, so this should come as no surprise. So, not to belabour the point – don’t forget to consider the colour scheme of your bathroom and choose tiles that complement it.

Think about maintenance

Bathroom tiles can get wet and dirty, so choose tiles that are easy to clean and maintain. Avoid porous or slippery materials, which can stain and require more upkeep.

Get samples

Once you’ve narrowed down your choices, get samples of your favourite modern bathroom tiles and see how they look in your actual bathroom. After all, lifestyle photos and in-depth product descriptions are well and good, but there’s nothing like examining the real deal. By this point, you should have no trouble making your final decision.

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Final thoughts

We hope you found reading about the latest bathroom tiles ideas as fun, useful and educational as we did when we were researching and writing about them.

The bottom line is:

The right tiles can transform your bathroom dramatically and take your bathroom design to the next level.

And when you think outside the box in an inspired way, great things can happen.

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