Other Fittings

Not all projects are straightforward, but there are a number of different products available to help you work around the more complex structures and any other issues that might crop up. As well as the more standard fittings required in a flooring project, such as floor trims, ramp sections, scotias and threshold bars, there are a number of other flooring fittings that may help to give your flooring project the finishing touch. 

Here you’ll find everything else you may need during the installation of your flooring or tiling project to ensure you have created the perfect finish.

Unsure which fittings your flooring project may require? Don’t worry, our team is on hand and more than happy to help, just give them a call on 01752 581507 or use the live chat in the bottom right hand corner and they will be able to offer product recommendations and advice specific to your project.

Pipe collars

Pipe collars have been designed to fit around any pipework or fittings that may protrude from the floor or wall surface. Generally, when working on a flooring project, trying to work around pipework such as pipes from underfloor heating and radiators is a complicated procedure, and being able to create a neat finish is hard work. However, a pipe collar can be fitted onto the section of the pipe that protrudes through the flooring to create a clean finish, covering the hole around the pipe without requiring any complex work. Pipe collars are available in a range of sizes, colours and designs in order to match the flooring as much as possible and create a clean finish.

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